SMarthu is part of the global SMart network, offers freelancers administrative, legal, fiscal and financial advice and a lot more. Our company prepared their communication strategy and developed their website.

Category: Communication, Web development

Client: SMarthu

Tags: Brand coaching, Communication strategy, KPI, Business website, Responsive website, WordPress, Template

Release date: 2016.

As a result of our brand coaching process, together with our client, we defined the long-term communication goals and strategies. Based on this we created the annual communication plan, defined clean messages, KPIs.

As a result we also designed a new, more informative website to serve the goals of the organization better. The site was built on WordPress CMS, as our client already knew and used this solution before and our developers also approved the technology after we had defined the functionality of the site. We used a premium template as a core concept, and redesigned it according to a unique responsive design.