Okstal UK Limited

Okstal UK Ltd.

Okstal is a promising start-up, making shirts with nanotechnology-based liquid repellent technology to repell and keep away water, coffee and wine marks.

Thanks to our professional contribution they have a collection for hunters by now. We help the company with digital services and brand coaching.

Category: Communication, Web development

Client: Okstal UK Ltd.

Tags: Brand coaching, International organization, Start-up, Business website, Responsive website, Drupal CMS, One-page template

Release date: 2015.

The Okstal team asked for our professional help in 2015. In the beginning, our task was to develope a website to introduce their product as soon as possible to allow them to appear on different found-raising and other portals to further promote their idea. As Okstal offers premimum quality shirts, we had to design the website according to meet premium expectations.

Time comes in many company's life, when despite of all the efforts, the results just fall short. This could be a difficult situation even for experienced professionals. As soon as the team realized this, they asked for our help. We joined the project as a full service digital agency, and helped the company with brand coaching and strategic planning to ease their operational and decision-making process. Together we planned the necessary changes, defined the main focus areas and the next steps. As a result of the consultations, Okstal developed a new product line for Hunters. Within no time we created a new website for the new collection and managed their communication doing all the related tasks to boost the brand.

Both site was built on Drupal CMS by customizing a premium one-page template according to the needs of our clients'.