Mályvavirág Alapítvány weboldal fejlesztés

Mályvavirág Alapítvány

We developed the website of the "Malyvavirag Foundation" in early 2014. The site was built on Drupal CMS, with unique design using responsive solutions.

Category: Web development

Client: Mályvavirág Alapítvány

Tags: Foundation, Pro bono, Drupal CMS, Responsive, Unique design, Health

Release date: 2014.

The enthusiastic members and volunteers of the foundation convinced us in no time to support their good cause. We did our best to help them with their digital appearance. The purpose of the project is to collect all the available information about cervical cancer on one single website to provide comprehensive information about the desease, its prevention and treatment. Thanks to their enthusiastic work and the events they organize, the foundation became well-known in Hungary. To be able to serve the communication goals of the foundation, and follow up their progression, we develope the site from time-to-time as a pro bono service.

The website was built on Drupal CMS with unique design.