Development process

19. September 2016.

Learn about our development processes and the idea behind our practice.

Development process

A comprehensive assesment and planning precedes all our developments. Before we start any kind of work, we make sure we understand the concept and the needs of our clients. However it often happens, that our customers do not exactly have a clear vision on what they really want to achieve. In this case we help with a brand coaching method.

After clarifying the goals, we split the objectives into individual tasks, that can be ranked by their importance. Thanks to this, we can now align these „user stories” to the available financial and time resources in order to maximize the business potential of our products and the profit of our clients.

To be a bit more technical, we do Agile Development, more accurately Scrum, combined with our experiences. The transparency of our work is supported by several management tools, like Targetprocess, Basecamp, and lately Nostromo, what is a hungarian startup fitting the expectations.


A simple call, an e-mail or a personal meeting could be the foundation of the trust, that should be essential in our cooperation.


As soon as we learn your goals, we start thinking about your idea and how to approach your project. In case you don't have a clear vision on what you really want to achieve, we help you with our brand coaching method. We help you clarify the goals of your communication, its target group, in order to be able to find you the best way to show yourself in the digital world. We only move to the next phase if we both think we are right to each other.


Using all our professional knowledge and experiences we find the most suitable solutions. We work according to a common schedule, with continuous communication. According to our experiences, only proper planning of the workflow ensures the desired results.


Harmonizing with your goals and values your brand represents, we create your brand identity, no matter if you only need a logo, a website designs, or a complex brand identity guide. In case we build a template based website, we prepare the suitable templates for you. The content is also planned in this phase.


According to the plans we start the development giving our best and sparing no effort to turn your idea into reality as soon as possible.


Each site is tested before going online. We look up and fix all the tiniest bugs that slip in against all the careful planning and attention. Only those who try can fail. If we accept this, we can be prepared and intervene in time.


We teach you how to manage your contents, but we also provide hosting for you site together with regular technical updates to ensure the smooth operation.

Once your site is online and comes to life, it integrates into the social platforms, and becomes part of the constantly developing digital world. This change should be followed not only technically, but also in the content, and from time-to-time in the design as well. That is why we say that a website is never completely done.

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