Get fit!

One-page mobile-friendly project website built on premium Drupal template. Idea, communication, mobile & web development.

Kategorie: Kommunikation, Web development

Kunde: Gymfanatic

Tags: Drupal CMS, Projekt-Website, Responsive Website, Video, One-Page Template

Release date: 2016.

Our client, the Gymfanatic Solarium & Fitness store was asked to support an event. Instead of spending money for uncertain results, we suggested them another option. They took part at the event, and we built a campaign around it. The project was called "Get Fit with Judit in 31 days". All the subscribers could follow a 31 day fitness program - they got a professional diet and shopping list every day with further interesting content, like videos and reports on new training methods, facilities, etc.

As part of the 31day program we developed a responsive one-page and mobile-friendly project website with all the necessary web-content, and also filmed a simple video in cooperation with one of our partners, Péter Mács. The success was well indicated by the more than 150 subscribers who joined the program in a few days and by our sponsors, who offered valuable prizes for the participants.